The Digital Transformation Curriculum is a guide that will provide support not only to educators in the higher education system, trainers, and coaches, but also to entrepreneurs, professionals, and learners who want to design training programs focused on developing advanced digital skills. It will also prove useful to those interested in designing and evaluating personalized and self-paced training that best meets the needs of their business and employees. The curriculum is based on the widespread recognition that technologies are playing an increasingly important role in the global economy and that there is an urgent need to develop advanced digital skills in Europe.

To take advantage of the digital economy, companies, especially small and medium enterprises, need to gain knowledge of the disruptive potential of technologies and how to transform their business model to take advantage of this potential.

The proposed VOIL curriculum is based on pedagogical strategies of self-directed learning. Therefore, it represents an approach that aims to design personalized learning pathways tailored to learners' needs and interests within a competency framework that combines organizational and individual perspectives on digital transformation. Rather than prescribing a standardized curriculum, guidance is provided for developing motivating, self-directed learning experiences.