A few things about the platform

The VOIL project is a strategic partnership of nine project partners from seven countries with the goal to increase awareness and "digital" competences regarding technologies, tools, and methods for the digital transformation of small and medium enterprises through a platform-based learning and simulation environment.

The project has two main objectives: (1) to raise awareness about the potential of emerging technologies, tools, and methods in the course of the digital transformation of micro, small & medium enterprises, and (2) to design a pedagogical model for simulation-based learning of advanced digital competencies.

To achieve this, the VOIL platform provides a digital environment, where the project’s tools are integrated and foster the development of digital transformation skills as well as to experiment with emerging technology. In this way, the platform supports the SMEs investment decisions by allowing them to test concepts, approaches, and tools in a safe environment. Moreover, it supports young entrepreneurs and workers to develop skills necessary for the digital transformation of their companies

How to Use the VOIL Platform: